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NeoPOS Retail and Hospitality Manager POS Hardware Bundle #1

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NeoPOS Retail and Hospitality Manager POS Hardware Bundle with the Element 315 Touch Terminal, Epson TM-T82II Ser-USB, Vpos Cash Drawer EC410 and Calibor Thermal Paper

This Bundle includes:


NeoPOS Retail & Hospitality Manager 

Australian Produced Point of Sale Software.
General Retail, Restaurant and Food Service Point of Sale Application.


How NeoPOS Point of Sale Software can benefit your business

  • Increased speed, efficiency and accuracy of transactions leading to an improved customer experience.
  • Hospitality and food service functions make Table, Walk-in, Pickup and Delivery Order Management fast, simple and error free. Orders are automatically sent to food preparation areas reducing man-power requirements, increasing accuracy, accelerating the speed of
  • order delivery and improving the overall efficiency of your operation.
  • Accurate, real-time, inventory control means greater customer satisfaction.
  • Manage your business, including sales, reporting and stock management from ANY location, local or remote, using a standard internet connection. 
  • Cloud "Hybrid" system. All the advantages of a Web Based Point of Sale System without the disadvantages of slow speed, internet connection dependency and monthly fees.
  • Less paperwork and administration through streamlined sales reporting, stock and inventory management and reordering, including purchase and supplier management.
  • Comprehensive Account and Layby management, including Account statements and payment tracking.
  • Can be integrated to your Web Store or e-Commerce platform. 
  • Sales history reporting allows you to keep abreast of the latest sales trends including least and most popular items.
  • Eliminate "Tax Time" headaches with simple reporting of sales and GST dues.
  • Improved staff management with log on/off security and hours worked reporting, including inbuilt payroll management.
  • Hourly or Half-Hourly reporting can help you more efficiently allocate staff to your busiest times.
  • Customer loyalty, reward point and discount programs can be a real plus for your business and customer purchase history can help keep you abreast of latest sales trends.

  • Point of Sale Features

  • Easy to understand and easy to learn user interface.
  • Runs on all Windows Versions, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32 and 64 Bit), Windows Embedded and POS Ready. 
  • One off purchase price includes full lifetime license with NO ongoing license or subscription fees.
  • Ability to automatically import your existing stock list into NeoPOS from any file format.
  • Includes 24 Hr / 7 Day Phone, Email and Remote Access Support.
  • Runs on any standard Point of Sale hardware or any Windows PC.
  • Connect multiple Point of Sale terminals together (via your local network) and multiple stores (via internet or cloud based server) with remote administration and reporting.
  • Integrated Customer Database with Loyalty Program, Reward Points Scheme, Discounts and detailed Customer Purchase History.
  • Hospitality & restaurant functions include Order (Waiting, Delivery, Pickup), Table Management, Waiter Order Pads, Item Modifiers and Condiment Chains.
  • Kitchen Order printing or Onscreen Order display.
  • Graphical Table Layout design allows you to configure the screen to reflect you own table layout allowing easy location and assignment of sales to specific tables.
  • Integrated with PC-EFTPOS or Tyro Payments allowing you to connect your POS terminals and process EFTPOS and Credit Card payments from all major banks.
  • Generic Webstore & e-Commerce Interface allows you to connect NeoPOS to your e-Store, including eBay and WooCommerce, and automatically process and manage on-line orders.
  • Supplier, Ordering and Purchase Management.
  • Accounts, Laybys and Hiring Management.
  • Integrated Bookings, Appointment and Reservations Functions.
  • Comprehensive Reporting of Sales, Profit and Loss and GST.
  • Permissions Based" user access control with Employee Time-clock and Payroll Management.
  • Product Barcode Printing.
  • Weighing interface connects your POS software to all popular electronic scales for automatic calculation of prices for weighed items and products.
  • Scans Price/Weight Labelled items.
  • Security Webcam allows you to take snapshots on selected events.
  • Secondary customer display screen displays items including your promotional images and rolling advertisements.
  • 3 Level Hierarchical Stock Control for items that are sold individually or in packs.
  • 20 Level Price Breaks, 5 Level Price Shifts, Time based Price Shifts, Multiple Item Discounts and Date-Time based Special Prices.
  • Chinese (Unicode) support allows you to enter product details and print receipts using Chinese characters.
  • Multilingual support for 100 languages with self-learning mode.
  • Price Matrices for selling identical items stocked in various Sizes Colors or Styles.

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