Setup a Socket Mobile Scanner With iPad

The Socket Mobile scanners are handy, portable Bluetooth scanners that work great with iPad POS App. The scanners connect to your iPad via Bluetooth which enables you to move freely at the register.

Pairing your scanner

  1. To turn on the scanner, press and hold the small power button until it beeps twice.
  2. Once powered up, you will need to access the settings application on the iPad you wish to connect it to. Open the Bluetooth settings, and ensure ‘Bluetooth’ is enabled.
  3. Your iPad will now start searching for nearby Bluetooth devices, included your scanner. The socket scanner should appear in the list ‘Other devices’ with a name starting with Socket CHS.
  4. Select the Socket scanner.

Once paired, you should be able to scan product barcodes throughout Neto POS. For more information on registering your barcodes, see our article here.

Accessing the iPad Keyboard with the scanner connected

With the scanner connected, your iPad might not show the on screen keyboard when you need it to. This is because the scanner is acting as a Bluetooth keyboard. To show the on screen keyboard with the scanner connected, double tap the power button on the scanner and it will show or hide the keyboard.


I cannot pair my scanner

If you are having trouble pairing your scanner, a common way to resolve issues it to complete unfair the scanner, ‘forget’ the scanner from your iPad and repair from scratch.

  1. Whilst your scanner is on, press and hold the two buttons until you hear three beeps
  2. If you have previously paired this scanner, you will need to ‘forget’ it from your iPad. If you have not paired it before then you can skip this step.
  3. From your Bluetooth device list, select the Socket scanner and tap on the ‘i’ button.
  4. Tap on the ‘Forget This Device’ option.
  5. Follow the instructions above in the ‘Pairing your scanner’ section.

Nothing happens when I scan a barcode in Neto POS

If you have been using your Socket scanner with another POS solution, you might find that your scanner is in a special mode for that application. Neto POS expects your scanner to be in a mode that acts more like a Bluetooth keyboard. Changing to this mode (called ‘HID mode’) is a simple process and will allow you to use the scanner with iPad POS.

  1. Disconnect your scanner from the your iPad
  2. Scan the barcode below, to perform a factory reset. If the barcode is not scannable from your screen, you might need print the page. These codes will also be in the manual that came with your scanner.

    Socket Bluetooth Scanner Factory Reset Barcode

  3. Turn the scanner back on, and scan the barcode below to enable HID mode (not iOS mode).

    Socket Bluetooth Scanner HID Mode Barcode

  4. Follow the instructions above in the ‘Pairing your scanner’ section to repair your scanner.

Advanced Settings

Your Bluetooth scanner can be configured with a number of settings, such as turning off the beep or vibrate. These are set by scanning different barcodes provided by the manufacturer, and can be accessed from their command sheet.