Socket Bluetooth Barcode Scanner CHS 7Qi, iOS, Android, 2D, Gray

Socket Bluetooth Scanner CHS 7Qi, iOS, Android, 2D, Gray with Batteries, AC Adapter, Charging Cable, Lanyard

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Vendor: Socket

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Minimize manual data entry with the Socket Mobile CHS 7Qi, a high-performance 2D and 1D Bluetooth barcode scanner.

Small, lightweight, and comfortable to hold. The CHS 7Qi can scan barcodes printed on labels or displayed on device screens. Easy to connect, it's ideal for retail, asset tracking, field service or other mobile scanning applications requiring 2D barcode support.

The CHS 7Qi with the Socket Mobile QX Stand come with added intelligence which lets you take full advantage of a (Presentation Mode) or "Grab & Go" feature for fast-moving environments. You can go from scanning by hand or scanning using the stand in seconds with the 7Qi or 7Xi.

VPN: CX3308-1528

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